Fee Schedule

Effective through December 31, 2023. All prices exclude third-party filing fees & costs unless noted below.

General Consultations
Phone/Email/Live Consultation$250
Commercial Contract Review (excluding commercial leases, M&A, private investment and commercial financings docs)$300
Commercial Lease Review$400
Entity Formation
Single owner corporation or limited liability company$199
Multi-owner corporation or limited liability company$749
501(c)(3) non-profit with less than $50,000 in annual receipts$500
Other 501(c) non-profit or 501(c)(3) non-profit with more than $50,000 in annual receipts$1249
ALPHA Score Legal Documentation Assessment$800
Standard Commercial Documents — Basic form plus one round of revisions with client to customize
Standard Confidentiality / Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)$150
Employee Offer Letter$150
Independent Contractor Agreement$250
Website Terms of Use$250
Website Privacy Policy (B2B)$250
Proprietary Rights, Non-Solicitation and/or Non-Competition Agreement$300
Master Services Agreement$350
Website Terms of Sale / General Terms and Conditions of Sale$350
Website Privacy Policy (B2C; eCommerce)$400
Corporate Governance Documents
Stock Transfer / Membership Unit Transfer$75
Consent Resolutions$150
Shareholder / Member Promissory Note$150
Amendment to Charter$150
Foreign Qualification or Withdrawal$250
Incentive Equity Plan$300
Stock Option Grant Agreement or Restricted Stock Agreement$300
Employee Guide on Equity Incentive Grant$300
Amendment to Operating Agreement$600
Stockholders Agreement / Buy-Sell Agreement$800
Entity Dissolution$800
Entity Conversion$800
Commercial Financing — Per each lender involved in financing
Review Commitment Letter$200
Review Loan Documents$600
Prepare Closing Deliverables (per borrower)$600
Enforceability Opinion$1500
Capital Raising
Seed Round Financing (Convertible Debt or Series Seed Preferred Stock)$3500
Online trademark clearance search via USPTO TESS database$400
Preparation and filing of trademark application (including filing fee)$600
Post filing submissions to the US Patent & Trademark Office other than Office Actions $300
Response to Office ActionAs quoted
Mergers & Acquisitions – Private Companies
Sales of $250,000 or less$2500
Sales of $250,001 to $5 million
Letter of Intent$400
Legal Due DiligenceAs quoted
Definitive Agreement$800
Each round of revisions to Definitive Agreement$300
Supporting Documents:
Bill of Sale$150
Assignment & Assumption Agreement$300
Non-competition Agreement$300
Consulting / Transition Services Agreement$300
Employment Agreement (per key employee)$350
Disclosure Schedules
Drafting of SchedulesAs quoted
Review of Schedule$500
Seller Financing Documents (promissory note, security agreement or pledge agreement)$750
Third Party Consents to Assignment (per third party)$300
Lease Assignment$350
Each round of revisions to any of the above supporting documents$150
Ancillary Closing Documents (consent resolutions, closing certificates, lien filing or releases)$600
Settlement Statement$250
Transaction Closing$700
Post-closing Filings$250
Closing book$150

Services not identified on this fee schedule will be quoted on a customized basis.